Terms and Conditions

1.  Every effort is made to ensure all information is correct at the time of print and is subject to change without prior notice.
2.  The organiser reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price,  to refuse admission or to eject any person who fails to comply with the rules of the venue and applicable laws.
3.  All ticket sales are final; tickets are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable.
4.  Ticket user assumes all risks of personal injury incidental to the event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the event.
5.  The Organiser and Make-A-Wish will not be responsible or held liable for any related issues arising from the sale or promotion of alcohol.
6.  Sale of alcohol is only permitted to guests 18 and above with proof of identity from 10.30pm onwards.
7.  In accordance to the rules and regulations of venue, guests below 18 years of age have to vacate the premises after 10.30pm. Failure to do so will result in subsequent actions deemed necessary by the Organiser or the venue’s management.


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