MAD people, MAD.

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MAD stands for Make A Difference, remember that.

Alright guys, we’ve done our roadshows, we’ve done our promo, we’ve done the convincing, now what’s left is for you people to attend!

Many of you haven’t bought your tickets yet, here’s a friendly reminder about our price increase.

ON the 23rd of July 2010, Friday, our ticket prices will increase to RM60. Keep in mind that the price of tickets on the day of the event is RM70.

Dear gracious people out there, we are, once again, reminding you about the pirated tickets in the market. Some of you are joking around with it, though I agree its hilarious, BE CAREFUL. It may be only 20 bucks, but we’re tracking the tickets and if you’re found with one, you will be denied entry, so that’s 20 bucks down the drain!

Another thing, please read our terms and conditions, we don’t want any confusion on the day of the event alright?

So, happy reading, and please support our event and its worthy cause.



INVASION @ Taylors Subang!

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I’m sure you’ve seen this on Facebook, BUT, if you haven’t, we’re telling you now!

We are planning a full on invasion at Taylors College Subang Jaya at the following times.

Date : 20th July 2010, TUESDAY
Time : 12:00 – 16:00


Our members will be there to brief you on our event and whatnot, so do come and check us out. ;)
Yes, check . us . out.
Also, the Hitz cruisers will be giving out loads of goodies so don’t miss this amazing opportunity!


People from INTI, METRO, FOUNDATION, ADP, BUSINESS SCHOOL and whoever happens to pass by, you guys can come to us at Taylors Subang to get your tickets too! :D

MAD Charity Show 2010, it will blow you away.

Make sure you get your tickets from us because those found with counterfeit tickets will be denied entry.


Prices increase on the 23rd! GRAB THEM NOW.

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Take note!

19th July 2010, Monday
12.00 – 16.00
SEGi Kota Damansara Cruisers at 13.45

We’ll be there to answer ALL your questions. Remember, our tickets are priced at RM50 before the 23rd of July, not any less. There are fake tickets in the market, to avoid getting conned, please buy them from us tomorrow.



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It’s a disaster! There are a bunch of people who have duplicated our tickets and are prancing around town selling them at a discounted price.

Please take note that our tickets are priced as the following:
Early Birds : RM 50
Normal Rates (23rd July onwards) : RM 60
Latecomer : RM 70

Any claims of discount or inflation of price is not approved by the committee of this event.

While this is all very, very flattering, it’s not doing us any good. The whole point of this event is to raise funds for charity, even our own members are paying at the same rates. No one is entitled to a discount.

And to those who are selling fake tickets,

shame on you.

We are keeping track of the tickets and anyone found with a counterfeit ticket will be denied entry, so make sure you only purchase your tickets from us.

Let us know if someone has approached you with suspicious claims. Tell us the names of those infidels!

Only the members of the United Nation of HELP University College are permitted to sell these tickets.

On a lighter note, our event is so sought after, people are duplicating tickets!

But, this is still a bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.

Say NO to pirated tickets.

We’ve moved!

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Please take note, the location of the MAD Charity Show 2010 has officially been changed to Euphoria by Ministry of Sound @ Sunway Lagoon Resort!

The new venue is bigger and can accommodate more people, also the facilities and ambience of the place coincides with our event. Thank You so much for supporting us, we really appreciate it.

Do help spread the word to everyone you see, every single one.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused but we hope you are happy with the change.

This, is Zlwin Chew. He is the Resident Magician at Zouk’s Club.

After asking around, we realized that Zouk KL is the only club in Kuala Lumpur that has a Resident Magician! How cool is that?

 Zlwin performing in Zouk Club KL

Extract from Zlwin Magic
“Zlwin currently works for Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious and recognized club, Zouk KL, as their Resident Magician. He came into the clubbing scene bringing magic – a whole new and radical idea in Malaysia. Currently, he is the only magician holding a residence in a club in the whole of Kuala Lumpur.”

When we first met Zlwin, we were immediately taken by his friendly nature. According to him, he is a mentalist. Confused and bewildered, we asked for more. On his part, he did an amazing job explaining everything to us.

We are proud to say that the word mentalism is now in our vocabulary. (:

Mentalism is a sub-division of magic and a specialized performing art in itself. Mentalism is somewhat similar to stage magic, however the mentalist mostly engages the minds of his spectators to create illusions.

He says that he is most known for his “Fork Bending” effect. He didn’t tell us how it works and we’re curious to find out! Most street magicians perform with cards and coins, you hardly see someone bending a metal fork with his mind. 

Zlwin has met and performed to some of the country’s most renown people. Some of them include:
– The 12th King of Malaysia, Sultan of Perlis, Raja Syed Sirajuddin ibni Syed Putra Jamalullail.
– Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun. Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.



That’s pretty major stuff! I mean, anyone can say that they do magic, but few have this much experience to boast about. I would post up all his past events and gigs but that’ll just fill up the page. Yes, it’s that long.

Kindly click here to read more.

So there you have it dear readers, Zouk Club’s very own Resident Magician, and he has agreed to perform for us on the 30th July 2010, Friday at our MAD Charity Show 2010. So get your tickets now and prepared to be blown away.


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PEOPLE! We’re going to be at Raffles International College tomorrow.

 Date : 15th July 2010, Thursday
Venue : Raffles International College
Time : 12:00 – 16:00

This is our first appearance at Raffles so you can approach us if you have any questions. We’ll answer them the best we can.

We really need your help to make this event a success, no event can make it big without supporters, so come support us tomorrow!(and everyday after that)

In case you haven’t heard, our location for the event has changed to Euphoria by Ministry of Sound @ Sunway Lagoon Resort!

Tickets are priced at RM 50 per, and with every purchase of a ticket, you get amazing goody bags and stand a chance to win even better prizes.

So what’re you waiting for? GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

*Please be reminded that ticket price will increase on the 23rd July onwards to RM 60.