1. What is MAD?
MAD stands for Make A Difference. Its the name of our year long project, sorta like a theme.

2. What is going to happen on the night of the 30th?
The main highlight of our show is the one hour(approx) dance performance. After the dance performance and several other performance, the event ends and the after party begins.

3. What’s the dance about?
We can’t tell you that! But what we can tell you is the gist of it. Basically, a girl suffering from leukemia has a wish, she wants to become a professional dancer. Our dance showcase will take you through her journey to make that wish come through.

4. So its another musical?
NO. This isn’t a musical. The reason why the MAD Charity Show 2010 is so unique is because of our concept. We’re giving you an hour of pure dance. The entire story of her struggle and dreams are told through the smooth lines of the dancers. Basically, in musicals, the cast sings and acts, but in our charity show, they dance.

5. Who are the dancers?
They are an assortment of people with one thing in common, they love to dance. Our dancers are talented and have gone through an audition process to get to where they are. Furthermore, the dance is directed by Judimar Hernandez, the judge/choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance.

6. Can I get a discount on the ticket?
The aim of this event is to raise funds for charity, every one of our members, including the comittee is paying for their ticket. So no, there is no discount for the ticket.

7. How can I purchase a ticket?
We will be having roadshows at various colleges and Celebrity Fitness outlets, you can get the tickets from us then.
If you are unable to meet with us, you can drop an email or call us and we will work something out with you.

8. Can I pay by cheque/bank in?
Yes. Please visit our Ticketing and Pricing section for more details.

9. Will the prices change?
Yes. Please check our Ticketing and Pricing section for more details.

10. Who is all this money going to?
The beneficiary for our event is the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

11. Do the people below 18 years of age have to leave before 22:30?
Sorry to say, but yes, you do. The club rules are governed by the Malaysian Law therefore we don’t have a say in the matter. Those under 18 found in the club after 22:30 are not the responsibility of MOS or the committee of the MAD Charity Show 2010.

12. If I’m born in the year 1992 but my birthday hasn’t arrived yet, am I considered under 18?
Yes, anyone whose birthday hasn’t arrived is deemed underage and in accordance to the rules and regulations, have to leave the premises at 22:30.

13. What if I’m late?
Well try not to be late ’cause then you’ll miss out on the amazing performances! But if it can’t be helped, its fine as long as you arrive before 22:30.

14. If I arrive after 22:30, does that mean I have to pay additional for the coverage charge by MOS?
Yes, if you arrive after the said time, you’ll have to pay MOS.

15. So if I want to stay for the after party, must I pay the additional charges?
If you enter the building before 22:30 with our ticket, you don’t have to pay any additional charges.

16. What’s the dress code?
Semi-Formal. Which means no slippers, shorts etc. However, after much deliberation, jeans are allowed.

If you have any further enquiries, please drop us an email or leave a comment here.
We hope to see you at the event!

  1. sk says:

    to those who’s 18th birthday falls this yr but isnt due yet, are we allowed to stay after 2230hrs?

    • Hey SK,

      I am sorry to inform you that your request wont be possible as the Club rules are actually governed by the Malaysian Law hence we don’t have a say in it too. But do please come for the event!

      the MAD team

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