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  1. gary says:

    Hi there! I just happened to find out about this event and I would love to come for this event, that if time allow and if I managed to get the tix in the gym (i’m a member in bangsar celebrity fitness). So, here’s the thing. I recently launched my photography company and i was wondering since it’s a charity event would u guys want any “volunteer” to take pics of the event? if you do just drop me an email and we shall discuss more of it :)

    thanks and cheers! ;)

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your interest in our event. Please do email us about your intentions to . As you know, we are a Club of a College, we have no financial backing from the College, hence we don’t have sufficient funds to hire photographers. When you say “volunteer”, you mean it’s F.O.C? Please email us to work out the details. Thanks!

      the MAD team

  2. aud says:

    Hi, we’ve just received the tix from a family friend .. and realized the event is at MOS, but we have two kids under 12 with us. Wonder if the dance event is suitable for young kids?

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