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Posted: 26/07/2010 in Celebrities


Malaysian Idol’s first runner up, Faradina Mohd. Nadzir, or better known as Dina to her fans, is performing for the MAD Charity Show 2010!

Remember this songstress back in the days of Malaysian Idol Season One?

She’s the one with the powerful vocals and amazing range that just blows you away every time she starts singing.

Click here to watch her perform the mash up of Tattoo, No One and Where Is The Love.

Malaysian Idol finalist performing for Charity, this just goes to show that Celebrities do care and are doing their part in Making A Difference!

Hurry and get your tickets now to watch this Dina LIVE @ Euphoria by MOS!


Hosts Gone MAD!!!!

Posted: 21/07/2010 in Celebrities


Its them!


whose full name is Qushairi Mohammed Razali, is a long way from his drum-banging days as one of the founders of OAG ( although back then he went by the moniker Chi). As Qi, he’s standing on his own merits, as the likable host for the highly popular ‘Destinasi Bajet’ with a penchant for the phrase “Biar betul …”. And now, he’s putting his acting metal to the test by playing the title role in the dramedy ‘Blogger Boy’, scheduled to air on 8TV at 9.30pm on 28 May.

“You haven’t heard about me and my lucky number eight?” he asks teasingly. “I was born on 8 August. My name Qushairi has eight letters. My first love was my eighth girlfriend. My first job was with 8TV. ‘Field Trip USA’ featured eight students in eight states, and premiered on 8 October last year.”

Megan Tan Yue Mei,22

or more comfortably known as Megan, has completed a to-do list where she competed in a beauty pageant (Miss Malaysia Pageant 2009), hosted her first television programme when she was 11 years old and recently won the 8TV Quickie host search. Before this, Tan had also been featured in television commercials, where some are highlights in her portfolio as they were aired internationally.

These two stunning and amazingly talented people are going to be our emcees for the night. With a background and personality like theirs, you just can’t go wrong.

The aim of our charity show, apart from raising funds, is to show everyone out there that you can make a difference. These celebrities understand where we’re coming from and they are helping us Make A Difference in their own ways.

So thank you wonderful celebs, for making a difference in our event.


This, is Zlwin Chew. He is the Resident Magician at Zouk’s Club.

After asking around, we realized that Zouk KL is the only club in Kuala Lumpur that has a Resident Magician! How cool is that?

 Zlwin performing in Zouk Club KL

Extract from Zlwin Magic
“Zlwin currently works for Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious and recognized club, Zouk KL, as their Resident Magician. He came into the clubbing scene bringing magic – a whole new and radical idea in Malaysia. Currently, he is the only magician holding a residence in a club in the whole of Kuala Lumpur.”

When we first met Zlwin, we were immediately taken by his friendly nature. According to him, he is a mentalist. Confused and bewildered, we asked for more. On his part, he did an amazing job explaining everything to us.

We are proud to say that the word mentalism is now in our vocabulary. (:

Mentalism is a sub-division of magic and a specialized performing art in itself. Mentalism is somewhat similar to stage magic, however the mentalist mostly engages the minds of his spectators to create illusions.

He says that he is most known for his “Fork Bending” effect. He didn’t tell us how it works and we’re curious to find out! Most street magicians perform with cards and coins, you hardly see someone bending a metal fork with his mind. 

Zlwin has met and performed to some of the country’s most renown people. Some of them include:
– The 12th King of Malaysia, Sultan of Perlis, Raja Syed Sirajuddin ibni Syed Putra Jamalullail.
– Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun. Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.



That’s pretty major stuff! I mean, anyone can say that they do magic, but few have this much experience to boast about. I would post up all his past events and gigs but that’ll just fill up the page. Yes, it’s that long.

Kindly click here to read more.

So there you have it dear readers, Zouk Club’s very own Resident Magician, and he has agreed to perform for us on the 30th July 2010, Friday at our MAD Charity Show 2010. So get your tickets now and prepared to be blown away.

If you don’t already know, the choreographer and director for our dance showcase is none other than the Judimar Hernandez. Does that name sound familiar to you? It should!


This super talented lady is the Judge and Choreographer of the dance-reality TV series that has touched and captivated many, So You Think You Can Dance!

  Her agreeing to help us out with this dance routine just shows how amazingly nice she is. (:

Extract from The Star Newspaper : Dancer led by passion
Judimar Hernandez de Monfils is a dancer, choreographer and teacher who has been living in Malaysia for about a decade. She was a member of Danzahoy Contemporary Dance Company and the Rajatabla Dance Company before coming here.

Judi has worked in numerous productions with the likes of Krishen Jit, Marion D’Cruz, Ramli Ibrahim, Lina Ang, and many more.

Her passion for dance and music was always gone beyond boundaries and limitations. The feeling of freedom, and the urgency to communicate and to explore are what satisfy her about dance. Her philosophy is to believe in whatever you do, and to feel the dance from inside. Otherwise, nothing will move you. “

What does being an artist mean to her?

For me, it’s not just about dancing perfectly in a particular set or sequence; it’s the interpretation of an idea that makes someone an artist,” she adds.