Hosts Gone MAD!!!!

Posted: 21/07/2010 in Celebrities


Its them!


whose full name is Qushairi Mohammed Razali, is a long way from his drum-banging days as one of the founders of OAG ( although back then he went by the moniker Chi). As Qi, he’s standing on his own merits, as the likable host for the highly popular ‘Destinasi Bajet’ with a penchant for the phrase “Biar betul …”. And now, he’s putting his acting metal to the test by playing the title role in the dramedy ‘Blogger Boy’, scheduled to air on 8TV at 9.30pm on 28 May.

“You haven’t heard about me and my lucky number eight?” he asks teasingly. “I was born on 8 August. My name Qushairi has eight letters. My first love was my eighth girlfriend. My first job was with 8TV. ‘Field Trip USA’ featured eight students in eight states, and premiered on 8 October last year.”

Megan Tan Yue Mei,22

or more comfortably known as Megan, has completed a to-do list where she competed in a beauty pageant (Miss Malaysia Pageant 2009), hosted her first television programme when she was 11 years old and recently won the 8TV Quickie host search. Before this, Tan had also been featured in television commercials, where some are highlights in her portfolio as they were aired internationally.

These two stunning and amazingly talented people are going to be our emcees for the night. With a background and personality like theirs, you just can’t go wrong.

The aim of our charity show, apart from raising funds, is to show everyone out there that you can make a difference. These celebrities understand where we’re coming from and they are helping us Make A Difference in their own ways.

So thank you wonderful celebs, for making a difference in our event.



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