Posted: 18/07/2010 in General, Uncategorized


It’s a disaster! There are a bunch of people who have duplicated our tickets and are prancing around town selling them at a discounted price.

Please take note that our tickets are priced as the following:
Early Birds : RM 50
Normal Rates (23rd July onwards) : RM 60
Latecomer : RM 70

Any claims of discount or inflation of price is not approved by the committee of this event.

While this is all very, very flattering, it’s not doing us any good. The whole point of this event is to raise funds for charity, even our own members are paying at the same rates. No one is entitled to a discount.

And to those who are selling fake tickets,

shame on you.

We are keeping track of the tickets and anyone found with a counterfeit ticket will be denied entry, so make sure you only purchase your tickets from us.

Let us know if someone has approached you with suspicious claims. Tell us the names of those infidels!

Only the members of the United Nation of HELP University College are permitted to sell these tickets.

On a lighter note, our event is so sought after, people are duplicating tickets!

But, this is still a bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.

Say NO to pirated tickets.


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