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Hey guys!

The MAD Charity Show is in less than 24 hours!

We’re all super excited about it and we hope you are too.

First off, a shout out to all the wonderful people who purchased a ticket from us.


Ticket sales have been overwhelming with over 900 tickets already gone. But don’t worry, we’re still selling tickets just for you.

However, ticket prices will be increased to RM 70 tomorrow!

To everyone who is attending, please remember to bring a form of ID, preferably your IC for registration.

For those who have paid but have not collected their tickets, please quote your name and ticket number to our members at the counter and we will pass them to you.

Once again, we would like to remind everyone that those under 18 years old have to leave the club at 22:30. Those who don’t adhere to this rule is there at their own risk. Under no circumstances shall MOS or MAD Charity Show 2010 organizers be responsible for you.

DRESS CODE : Semi-Formal, jeans are allowed.

A gentle reminder, for those of you who want to book tables, you can still do so. Please drop us an email or call our hotline for reservations.

We’re so excited we can hardly sit still! We’re all doing everything in our power to make this an unforgettable night for everyone!

If you have any questions, as always, email/call us and we’ll get back to you shortly.




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Malaysian Idol’s first runner up, Faradina Mohd. Nadzir, or better known as Dina to her fans, is performing for the MAD Charity Show 2010!

Remember this songstress back in the days of Malaysian Idol Season One?

She’s the one with the powerful vocals and amazing range that just blows you away every time she starts singing.

Click here to watch her perform the mash up of Tattoo, No One and Where Is The Love.

Malaysian Idol finalist performing for Charity, this just goes to show that Celebrities do care and are doing their part in Making A Difference!

Hurry and get your tickets now to watch this Dina LIVE @ Euphoria by MOS!

MAD : Exposed!

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MAD Charity Show 2010

brought to you by the people of UNDP

You’ve seen details of our event, you know when and where it’s happening, but do you know what and why?


On the night of the 30th, we will create a magical ambiance incorporating some aspects of fantasy.

Ie: We’re going to blow you out of this world.

The highlight of the night is a one hour(approx) dance performance directed by Judimar Hernandez. Through this dance showcase, we will be telling you a touching story of dreams and hope. The tale revolves around a girl who aspires to be a dancer but whose dream is shattered when she is diagnosed with leukemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma to be specific. Its cancer of the lymph nodes. Her emotions, thoughts and battle against the deadly disease unfolds on stage through the graceful and clean lines of the dancers.

You’ve seen broadway, you’ve seen musicals and you’ve seen people dance.

But this, this is something entirely different.
There will be no dialogue, no acting, no singing, only a story told through dance.

This is art personified.


It’s for charity, and its as simple as that.
We’re doing this because this is something we believe in, something we’re passionate about.

The money raised goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation and after this we get to grant the wishes of countless of kids in Malaysia!

Some may say that this won’t change the fact that the children are sick, but if it makes them happy, even for a day, isn’t that worth it?

Having their wishes granted gives them satisfaction, happiness and contentment.

It gives them hope, and everyone needs hope to carry on.

We are making a difference, a little bit at a time.

Mizz Nina is coming for our MAD Charity Show 2010!

If you’re Malaysian and listen to the radio every now and then, you would definitely have heard of Mizz Nina. If you haven’t, come out from under that rock of yours and go download her songs!

Formerly with the Teh Tarik Crew, Mizz Nina is now going SOLO. Her new hit single with Colby O’ Donnis, What You Waiting For was off the charts!

Wanna see Mizz Nina in person?

Come for our event!


Baby, baby, tell me what you what you waiting for!

Hosts Gone MAD!!!!

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Its them!


whose full name is Qushairi Mohammed Razali, is a long way from his drum-banging days as one of the founders of OAG ( although back then he went by the moniker Chi). As Qi, he’s standing on his own merits, as the likable host for the highly popular ‘Destinasi Bajet’ with a penchant for the phrase “Biar betul …”. And now, he’s putting his acting metal to the test by playing the title role in the dramedy ‘Blogger Boy’, scheduled to air on 8TV at 9.30pm on 28 May.

“You haven’t heard about me and my lucky number eight?” he asks teasingly. “I was born on 8 August. My name Qushairi has eight letters. My first love was my eighth girlfriend. My first job was with 8TV. ‘Field Trip USA’ featured eight students in eight states, and premiered on 8 October last year.”

Megan Tan Yue Mei,22

or more comfortably known as Megan, has completed a to-do list where she competed in a beauty pageant (Miss Malaysia Pageant 2009), hosted her first television programme when she was 11 years old and recently won the 8TV Quickie host search. Before this, Tan had also been featured in television commercials, where some are highlights in her portfolio as they were aired internationally.

These two stunning and amazingly talented people are going to be our emcees for the night. With a background and personality like theirs, you just can’t go wrong.

The aim of our charity show, apart from raising funds, is to show everyone out there that you can make a difference. These celebrities understand where we’re coming from and they are helping us Make A Difference in their own ways.

So thank you wonderful celebs, for making a difference in our event.


This picture is the perfect illustration for what’s happening right now. In less than 48 hours, the ticket price for our MAD Charity Show 2010 will be increased to RM60 as opposed to our beautiful price of RM50 now.

With all the repetition being done about this phenomenon, you should get the message. GET YOUR TICKET NOW.

But if you feel like being charitable, you may pay us RM60. (: JUST SAYIN’

MAD people, MAD.

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MAD stands for Make A Difference, remember that.

Alright guys, we’ve done our roadshows, we’ve done our promo, we’ve done the convincing, now what’s left is for you people to attend!

Many of you haven’t bought your tickets yet, here’s a friendly reminder about our price increase.

ON the 23rd of July 2010, Friday, our ticket prices will increase to RM60. Keep in mind that the price of tickets on the day of the event is RM70.

Dear gracious people out there, we are, once again, reminding you about the pirated tickets in the market. Some of you are joking around with it, though I agree its hilarious, BE CAREFUL. It may be only 20 bucks, but we’re tracking the tickets and if you’re found with one, you will be denied entry, so that’s 20 bucks down the drain!

Another thing, please read our terms and conditions, we don’t want any confusion on the day of the event alright?

So, happy reading, and please support our event and its worthy cause.